About me

My name is Linda Lee and I have been drawing for at least 10 years. I have interned at a small time animation studio, worked on some independent animation short films like Bill Plympton's (He is the king of independent animation) Guard Dog Global Jam ( I am jammer#64). Guard Dog Global Jam is a re- make of Bill Plympton's film Guard Dog. Mr. Plympton invite animators of all levels and ages to help him re- make his film. So the film came out with at least 70 different animation styles animated by 70 animators. Here is my clip of Guard Dog Global Jam: https://youtu.be/wFWmmJsBf1o.

I have also done some miscellaneous animation contents for groups like Brea Old and New for the city of Brea in Orange County California. 

Now I am in training to become a colored pencil illustrator. I just had a solo colored pencil art show at a small cafe in Taipei, Taiwan. The show theme is called Mother Nature, I hope to use art to do charities to save Earth.