Recently there's a outbreak of Coronavirus and has caused great fear around the world especially Asia. Majority of people in Taiwan temporarily stop riding public transportations when they go out. For me I practically walk everywhere I go now. I am afraid to go into enclosed spaces in case someone has Coronavirus and give it to me.

I spent most of my time at home drawing and going to parks to exercise and take pictures of birds. Having more time to draw, my drawing skill has improved immensely since last year when I started drawing with colored pencils. I started using colored pencils to doodle last year during a illustration class and now I am illustrating with colored pencils.

My art has improved so much that galleries around the world are asking me if they can exhibit my art at their galleries. I can never draw realistically not sure why, but I sure can draw cartoons. For years I have been developing my art into half cartoon and half fine art or maybe contemporary art or maybe pop art. Now I think I have created a bunch of half cartoon and half fine art illustrations.

My cartoon characters are not as simple as the Sanrio characters or Snoopy, but my own Lindamation Art cartoon characters. Recently people on Facebook has been commenting that my art is simple yet attractive, in order to attract more people I think I need to develop a style that is similar to a well- known style but not exactly like those styles so that people don't say that I am copying the famous artists. So to make myself stand out from the other famous artists, I need to find my own theme a theme that almost no one else has illustrated or painted. That is pick a specific animal and I pick birds. The other artists might have illustrated or painted birds, but not really make birds their themes. So it's probably safe for me to make birds my theme. I am making birds my theme also because I see more of them than any other animals and also I am tired of seeing cat characters. It's time for a change, I am going to illustrate birds in my illustrations and create a story for a meerkat anthropomorphic character name Rocky.

The thing that made my art improved was the technique of colored pencils. I used blending by layering to illustrate my colored pencil illustrations. So now my illustrations looks less like colored pencils but oil illustrations. I think it was last year, I found a book that teaches oil illustrations by using oil based colored pencils. I think I am getting close to achieve the oil painting look. My will in illustrating colored pencil illustrations to look like oil paintings is very strong, I will not quit until I get the oil painting look perfectly. Hopefully in the near future I will be creating bird illustrations that look like oil paintings and fool people.