Movie life drawing class


I will be opening a life drawing class similar to the ones that The Drawing Club in LA hosts. The difference is that my class will not have a live model, but will have photos of the model posing. I will transfer the pose photos from my laptop to the TV monitor inside the classroom. Students will draw in their sketchbooks with sketching pencils. 

To start the class, I will introduce myself, explain how I run the class, demonstrate how to draw the poses and then start showing the pose photos by setting timers to each pose. There will be at least 10 poses to draw from.

The key to this class is not about drawing the figures exactly shown on the photos, but to just draw the gestures of the model. For example if the model looks like she's running, draw her running and not put in all the folds in her clothes or wrinkles on her face if there are any. Just simply draw the shape of the pose. See the sample photo and drawing below.

I wanted to open this life drawing class, because I miss drawing with The Drawing Club in LA and I want to bring what I learned at The Drawing Club to Taiwan. I may not be able to bring the entire Drawing Club to Taiwan, but I can teach some of the key points that I learned from The Drawing Club like drawing in sketchbooks with either pencils or sharpie pens or even on digital tablets. The things that I can't do in my class is that I can't have drawing horses and have students buy big newsprint sketch pads, but I can set timers to the pose photos and teach students how to draw from the pose photos. I can also teach the students how to add backgrounds to the models with their imaginations or they can just simply draw the backgrounds that I will be providing. I will also explain to the students that drawing these poses will lead to character design for animation movies.

This class is called Movie Life Drawing, because the theme(s) are from movies. For the first class, I chose spy movies because I need action poses to make the class interesting. As well as attract students. I hope this class will be successful so I can open more classes in the future.