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Recently there's a outbreak of Coronavirus and has caused great fear around the world especially Asia. Majority of people in Taiwan temporarily stop riding public transportations when they go out. For me I practically walk everywhere I go now. I am afraid to go into enclosed spaces in case someone has Coronavirus and give it to me.

I will be opening a life drawing class similar to the ones that The Drawing Club in LA hosts. The difference is that my class will not have a live model, but will have photos of the model posing. I will transfer the pose photos from my laptop to the TV monitor inside the classroom. Students will draw in their sketchbooks with sketching pencils. ...

Along with preparing for my life drawing class in February, I am also learning caricature. Last year I learned to draw with colored pencils and fell in love with them. This year I am going to do something a little different by learning caricatures. I hope to make some money by doing caricatures in the near future once I learned the skill....

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