Lindamation Art

Lindamation Art is my company and my family, 10 years ago I worked at a logistics company and in that company everyone is a sibling even though there are rankings between co- workers. The big boss wishes his employees to be close like family. I liked the idea so I am going to use the same idea in my own company. Lindamation Art is a creative company creating characters and products.

I believe anything an artist creates, those creatives are artists' babies and children. Hence my creatives are my family, I hope they grow up to become good additions to society.  I hope my characters can become promotional materials for major charities and help out the people that need help.

As of now, I am the only employee at Lindamation Art, in the future if I hire employees I would make them my family too and would let them do things in their own way unless they make mistakes. During the interviews I would tell them that they can do things in their own way, but would provide a list of steps for them to use as reference.

In my personal life I was constantly forced to do things I don't want to do and even worse I can't do those tasks my own way.  A lot of times I don't have thinkings of my own. Not having thinkings of my own made it hard for me to work under people and cope with co- workers. That's why I want to open my own company and treat my co- workers the way they should be treated with respect. I'll try to show my co- workers that I'll be more family than their own families. I would also hope that my new co- workers in the future would not force me to do things in ways other than my own. I hope Lindamation Art would be a great company like Disney, everyone would be happy to go to work everyday.

So far I am the only employee in my company, because I don't have money to hire anyone yet. I don't want to hire volunteers, because I used to be a volunteer and I didn't like it. I understand that helping out doesn't always need things in return, but during those times that I was volunteering I was jobless and not making any money. So I hope that I could make some money in return, I am not asking for a fortune, but enough to live.

I am not sure if opening up Lindamation Art would make me a fortune or not, but I hope at least would have income flowing in regularly. Once I have regular income I would donate some proceed to a charity. Hopefully a charity that helps people with Schizophrenia, because I have Schizophrenia and I want to encourage those people to walk out of their sickness and become healthy again. I am getting better myself and I want to give back by helping those still suffering.